Friday Art

I have had hard time getting to and remembering to do art with my kids.  Frequently, we just get to the academic subjects and sometimes that in itself is difficult.  But I do want to do art.  I believe that we were meant to create and creating beautiful things is important.  With that in mind, I have started having Fridays as art day.

Our first project was a water color resist that I found here. I joined in on this one and discovered that I didn’t have much patience for drawing all the little things that I wanted to draw, especially since you couldn’t really see where you drew. Our next project, I found here.  Melted crayon firworks. These came out really neat and both my kids hung theirs in their rooms.  I have to admit that melting the crayons with a lighter was a little scary.

Then, one Friday I was busy so I tried to get my kids to do Ed Emberly’s Fingerprint drawing.

My older kids loved it when they were young, but for some reason, my younger kids were not so interested.

Then last week, we did nature journaling.  We invited our homeschool group, so we had several other families.  We pulled out our guide books and had fun identifying and drawing what we saw.

Friday art has turned into a time during the school week when we really have fun.  Now, I need to go find some other ideas.

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Crafting Evening

I love creating and for a long time I have been wanting to get moms together on a regular basis to craft and chat and get to know each other better.  I finally swallowed the queasy stomach and invited moms over.  We did this project from Pinterest.

It was really fun to see the different ways the project was completed.  There was lotss of experimenting with different color schemes spray painting, and different types of leaves and flowere.  But all the cnavasses came out beautiful.  We were fighting the light as we were doing it out side and darn it, it is getting dark earlier.

I chose to do just blue and white silhouette.  I hung them on my back splash to cover up the splatters.  We live in a rental and the back splash is just painted and I am a messy cook.  In fact, in this picture you can see powdered sugar splattered on the bottom of my cabinets.  The bottoms of my cabinets always look like that. Please, tell me that I am not the only one?   I like the way my canvasses turned out.We really had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to have another crafting night.  Though next time I will choose a simpler project so that we have more time to chat.  :)

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The End of the Summer Bucket List

Remember my Summer Bucket List?.   We had so much fun doing it and we did everything but the 5K.  Do you know how hard it is to start running and allergies really don’t help.  I have hopes for doing one later this fall.Good bye summer.  We have new plans now.  We painted over the canvas with several coats of paint.  I love this grass green.  I have been pondering these words from Micah recently.

I printed the words out extra large and used my graphite transfer paper to trace the outline. Then I handpainted in the letters. I had forgotten how much I like painting.  There are some imperfections in it but I love it. I love the reminder of His words on my wall and I can’t wait to do another canvas.

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Sounds of the Seasons

Being outside is essential for my mental health.  I need the sunshine, the fresh air and to see what God is doing.  But when I am not outside, I am listen for what is going on.

We hiked last week with friends.  I love the sunshine in the trees.

For the past several weeks I have fallen asleep to the sound of the crickets chirping.  I love hearing the crickets but part of me hates it because it signals the end of summer.

Asters, a late summer flower.

In the middle of the suumer, I  love the cicadas.  One of my favorite memories of the summer is of sitting on my friend’s NC porch in the evening listening to the cicadas.  Towards the end of the summer the crickets and cicadas alternate.  Summer in the South is very loud.  I only heard the cicadas twice this summer in upstate NY.

As I sit here writing in the early morning, I can hear a cardinal.  A male is standing guard as a female eats and he says “chip” constantly.  I love watching his devotion.

My absolutely favorite sound is of the spring peepers.  Little tree frogs, they come out in the early spring when it is till cold but they tell us that the warmth and sunshine are on their way.

What do you listen for as the seasons change?







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Many are the Plans in a Homeschool Mom’s Heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails

I now have 2 kids in high school (Can I really be that old?).  We have homeschooled all along and now being solely responsible for their education is overwhelming.  My oldest child is looking at colleges and studying for the SAT.   MY KIDS EDUCATION ALL RESTS ON ME, to get them in college and set them up for success in life. Whoa!

This past weekend, I went to a homeschooling high school conference featuring Debra Bell.  The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Debra Bell.  I must have read her book 8 or 10 years ago.  I love her.  She is hilarious, encouraging and has the grace of perspective.  Her kids are all graduated from college and married now.

She pointed out that all homeschooling moms are the same.  This is something that I have noticed.  Homeschool moms are strong, passionate and resourceful.  But then, she goes on to say something that I will probably quote for the rest of my life, “Homeschooling
is God’s trump card for self-sufficient women.”  The weight of my kids’ education does not need to rest on my shoulders.  I do not need to fall in the trap of believing I have to figure everything out.  I can’t.  God means to teach me to lean on Him and his wisdom.

In case I am not convicted enough to lean on God, Debra then talked about the fact that the things she agonized over never made any difference.  It was the spur of the
moment opportunities that have meant the most to her kids in their adult lives.  This is BIG.  God will lead my kids where they should go.  I do not need to worry about the decisions today

How to avoid falling in the trap of thinking it is all on me?  She writes  here on recognizing God’s faithfulness in your school.

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New Facebook Page and Giveaway

I have finally made a facebook page and in honor of that I am giving away  the zippered pouch I made.  Just like my facebook page using Rafflecopter and you are entered to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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“Perfect” Zippered Pouch

I have made many zippered pouches.  Most of which, I did not like.  Trying to put a zipper in these Amy Butler Bags was a mess.  I may have screamed a few times.  The bags were cute but I was not happy with the way the zippers looked.  You can see in the front bag that the corners are not neat where they meet the side of the bag.

I love the way the zipper looks in these little wallets.  But, there is a raw edge inside the wallets.  I edge stitch them but, it is still not as nice looking as having no raw edges.

These bags, however, look beautiful.  See the nice corners at the top with the ends of the zipper tucked in nicely.  There are no raw edges inside.  I love the way the zipper opens  wide so that you can see inside the bag.  It was also EASY.  Find the tutorial here.

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Getting Rid of a Book Shelf-Having Room to Breathe

We got rid of a book shelf.  Yes, we really did.  Yes, we are homeschoolers.  Yes, we read a lot. Yes, my husband built this bookshelf.  It is beautiful.   But, there are 5 bookshelves in the room and my husband built the others.  There is no other place in the house for it.  I have baseboard heat which really limits the number of walls that I am willing to lean a 6 foot tall shelf against and all my school books are in the upstairs kitchen.

A little part of me is anxious that if we move I won’t have enough bookshelves but this is a mighty big piece of furniture to keep “in case”.  I don’t want to live “in case”.  I want to trust that God will provide.  And getting rid of a big piece of furniture is really freeing.  It gives room to breathe.

The best part; It went to some sweet friends and my husband is tickled that it is gone.  Now, for something pretty to hang on the wall.

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Sugar, Honey, Iced Tea

It is 4:30 in the afternoon.  My husband will be home in a few minutes and there is not enough iced tea in the left pitcher for all of us.  Oops!  I have 2 gallon sized pitchers from Wal-Mart but we are constatly running out of iced tea.  Yes, we are Southerners.I have discovered the easiest way to make the best iced tea.  First, start off with tea blended to make iced tea, Luzianne Decaf.  Living in the North, I have to have it imported, though sometimes I can find it at Wal-Mart.  Fill the pitcher with water, 1/4 cup of sugar, and six tea bags.  You can use more or less sugar, though we are at risk of losing our Southerness with that little amount.  Let steep for a minimum of six hours  in the fridge.  If you let it steep longer, it will never turn bitter.  The secret to the best tea is the cold brewing.  It is like making sun tea but sun tea grows bacteria and is not considered safe to do.

How do like my Lego flower in the window?  I have the BEST sons.


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My Daughter is Amazing

I was wandering around the house in a daze after traveling 7oo miles in 2 days.  On the other hand, Wildwag Girl had fabric out on the cutting counter.  On top of the fabric was a brown craft paper. The next day her doll was wearing this.

I don’t have the courage to make my own patterns for clothing.  And this is adorable.  It is a halter style dress tied at the top with a pink ribbon.  She even used my hemostat to pull the ribbon through the casing.  She is amazing.

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