String Quilt Tips

I wanted to share some things I learned making a string quilt.

If you use glue stick you need to use plenty, otherwise the fabric will slide across the paper and bunch up like in this picture.

Using lots of glue stick will cause the paper to stick to the fabric.  Wetting it down and using one of these scrapers from Pampered Chef makes the job a lot easier.

I preferred quilters spray adhesive and my walking foot. Spray adhesive without a walking foot may or may not work.

Yes, the stitch length makes a huge difference in being able to remove the paper.  The good news is that if you have kids they love to remove the papers.

If you have a little tiny corner, you don’t want a little tiny bit of fabric.

I solved the problem by not lining up the edges of the pieces and cutting away the excess seam.

Finally, I learned that string blocks stretch, a lot.  So when sewing the blocks together, pin well and sew carefully.  There are some places in my quilt that have slightly curved seams.

This was a really fun quilt to make and great for beginner.  There are  wonderful directions here and in the book The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman.


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