Getting Rid of a Book Shelf-Having Room to Breathe

We got rid of a book shelf.  Yes, we really did.  Yes, we are homeschoolers.  Yes, we read a lot. Yes, my husband built this bookshelf.  It is beautiful.   But, there are 5 bookshelves in the room and my husband built the others.  There is no other place in the house for it.  I have baseboard heat which really limits the number of walls that I am willing to lean a 6 foot tall shelf against and all my school books are in the upstairs kitchen.

A little part of me is anxious that if we move I won’t have enough bookshelves but this is a mighty big piece of furniture to keep “in case”.  I don’t want to live “in case”.  I want to trust that God will provide.  And getting rid of a big piece of furniture is really freeing.  It gives room to breathe.

The best part; It went to some sweet friends and my husband is tickled that it is gone.  Now, for something pretty to hang on the wall.

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2 Responses to Getting Rid of a Book Shelf-Having Room to Breathe

  1. Pamela Shelor says:

    I am helping to teach a sewing class at a co-op with middle/high school girls. We need to come up with three more projects for beginner sewers. So far we have pajama bottoms, scrunchies, zippered pouch, pillowcase, and pillow. Do you have any other suggestions and/or websites/youtubes you would recommend? We want it simple, but something the girls would be proud of.

    Loved looking at your projects!

    • wildwagmom says:

      How about a skirt? If you did a simple A-line skirt they would learn about inserting a zipper and darts. If you made a tiered skirt, they would learn about gathering and inserting elastic. You could also embellish a dish towel either with embroidery or applique. My final suggestion is to bind a blanket. I hope that you all have fun.

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