“Perfect” Zippered Pouch

I have made many zippered pouches.  Most of which, I did not like.  Trying to put a zipper in these Amy Butler Bags was a mess.  I may have screamed a few times.  The bags were cute but I was not happy with the way the zippers looked.  You can see in the front bag that the corners are not neat where they meet the side of the bag.

I love the way the zipper looks in these little wallets.  But, there is a raw edge inside the wallets.  I edge stitch them but, it is still not as nice looking as having no raw edges.

These bags, however, look beautiful.  See the nice corners at the top with the ends of the zipper tucked in nicely.  There are no raw edges inside.  I love the way the zipper opens  wide so that you can see inside the bag.  It was also EASY.  Find the tutorial here.

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  1. Wildwag Dad says:

    All of the bags you make are pretty to me.

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