The End of the Summer Bucket List

Remember my Summer Bucket List?.   We had so much fun doing it and we did everything but the 5K.  Do you know how hard it is to start running and allergies really don’t help.  I have hopes for doing one later this fall.Good bye summer.  We have new plans now.  We painted over the canvas with several coats of paint.  I love this grass green.  I have been pondering these words from Micah recently.

I printed the words out extra large and used my graphite transfer paper to trace the outline. Then I handpainted in the letters. I had forgotten how much I like painting.  There are some imperfections in it but I love it. I love the reminder of His words on my wall and I can’t wait to do another canvas.

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One Response to The End of the Summer Bucket List

  1. Stephanie says:

    OK, now I’m inspired! What a GREAT idea :)

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